Dear Loving Son

Dear Loving Son

Sean, light of my day, star of my night. A brighter day is the best of light. My soul, my prayer, but best of all my blessing. Sean: The heart of the queen taking the breath of our king. Down the drain to stumble at sea, on the reef is sean you see. He was a pain at birth, but weak and fragile. In the end he stood strong in the battle. Sean is bright with wonderful power, In my heart he is my strength & power. He is my passion and will one day own his own mansion. He bring pride to us citizens, we might hate but he brings love within. Did he have a friend ? indeed he did, she was kind and lovely. she would tell him that she loves him every night, but in her own little way.

Their might not have been a Sean William King born december, 23, 2014 at all. Till one winter, a certain lonely child, in a shell by the sea. The winter is what he would come to be, as beautiful as any winter can be. I am his mother who can barely see when he is 50 feet away from me.  He is one who I can’t let leave the side of me. Having him was meant to be, a mistake he will never be. I am proud what we have created, A young child who is brave and creative. I was young and dumb, but now thats he is born i must become the one. the one he look up to. the one he takes as his hero. the one who will always be his queen and teach him how to be the most wonderful and gentle king.

Is that him you ask. Yes its most definitely is the brighter future within me. No one can believe how young he can be, he brings smiles to our faces no matter how mad we might be. We take notes on how our young ones might be. We hope in the future they be better than what we have come to be. We hate, We kill, We cheat, And we steal. No one is perfect but is that what you want them to be? You are a new generation that has come to be, The brighter future god wants you to be. So come to me my son and set me free. Im in a world of pain and you bring the best in me. Show the world how wonderful and helpful you can be. Lay me to rest and join the wonderful deep blue sea. As my soul fly to heaven and watch you from the heavens above. I see you have became what you wanted to always be. Sean the amazing King.


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